Chemical Solutions

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Before the Power Tub

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After the Power Tub

The Power Tub is designed to use almost every type of cleaning solution, however they need to have a few characteristics:

  • Water Soluble: the Power Tub is an aqueous based cleaning machine, the cleaning chemicals need to be diluted in water for it to work—liquid or powder.
  • Low Foaming:  the Power Tub utilizes a significant air sparge cleaning action.  This creates a lot of bubbles in the solution which requires the use of low/no foaming cleaners.
  • High pH compatible (13) in low concentration:  The Power Tub was designed with high pH compatible materials through out.  Because most of the cleaning action in the Power Tub is mechanical, only small amounts of high pH degreasers are needed—saving money.

The cleaning solution you select should relate to the amount of cleaning that needs to be done based on the level of grease accumulation.

As an example: 

  • If the filters have not been thoroughly cleaned in months and have heavy accumulation of solidified grease in them, a stronger caustic chemical is the correct choice.
  • If the filters have been cleaned on a regular basis and have a thin layer of grease accumulation then simple automatic dish washing detergent will be fine.

For heavy grease accumulation:

A high pH caustic vat cleaner is a very effective choice.  Our recommendation is Zep Zeco 40.  2 cups of Zeco 40 should degrease through ~25 filters.  Zep offers neutralizer which can be mixed with the cleaning solution to ensure safe disposal down the sanitary drain and city code compliance.