Power Tub Rev 2.0

Power Tub Rev 2.0 Options and Prices


  • 2 yr warranty on parts

  • 30 day money back guarantee


The Power Tub Rev 2.0 can be purchased in 2 configurations

Model HC:  Powered with 110v – Primarily targeting Hood Cleaning customers.  The unit is equipped with 2x 110v power cords and is designed for enhanced portability and quick hook up to standard power outlets.
Model F: Powered by 220v – Primarily targeting the Commercial Kitchens, Filter Exchange Companies or Industrial customers.  The unit is equipped with a single 220v power cord and is designed to be more integrated for a facility usage yet still maintains portability features.

Power Tub Model HC: $5,999


  • 2x 110v power cords.  Each cord needs separate 20amp circuit
  • 1.5 hp pump with stainless steel wet end
    • 100 GPM at 43 psi.  ‘Big Boy’ pump makes cleaning faster and provides powerful wash-down spray gun operation under the hood
  • 1500 watt incoly heating element

Power Tub Model F: $6399


  • 220v power cord with NEMA 6-20 plug.  Requires 220v 20 amp circuit.
  • 1.0 hp pump with stainless steel wet end
    • 90 GPM at 27 psi.
  • 2000 watt incoly heater
    • More powerful heater for enhanced soak tank / vat cleaning performance

Whether you are a hood cleaning or filter exchange company, restaurant or have an industrial parts cleaning application we can ensure the correct Power Tub for your needs.


Baskets: The Power Tub can be purchased with stainless steel wire baskets.  These baskets can be filled with smaller items and cleaned in the tub.

  • Standard Wire Basket – $400:  12.5″ high x 19″ wide x 19″ deep, stainless steel
  • Custom Baskets / Stack-able: Many options are available for specific needs

Spray Guns and Hose Attachments:  The Power Tub allows for pressurized spray gun cleaning for those hard to reach places.

The unit comes with a high end Strahman stainless steel spray gun, but other options are available.

Flow Through Mops:  Explore flow through mops applications as well.




How to order?

Submit a $500 deposit, once received an order confirmation will be sent along with a ship date.  Full payment is do at shipment.

We accept PayPal, checks and all major credit cards (with a 3% price adjustment).

Power Tub Purchase

International orders are welcome. The Power Tub can be reconfigured for various power requirements, power cords, and CE marking.