Automatically cleans hood filters & other hard to clean kitchen equipment.

The Brutus Power Tub was designed to meet the cleaning needs of today’s busiest commercial kitchens.


Restaurants & Commercial Kitchens

  • Completely degrease conventional and CaptiveAire Captrate® filters, of any size, inside & out.
  • Save Water:  The Power Tub uses only 35 gallons to clean 20+ filters.
  • Ensure Clean Water Act / EPA / City Water Code compliance with complete control of your waste stream.
  • Power Tub cleaned filters greatly improve air flow through your ventilation system, creates better air quality in your restaurant and reduces temperatures in your kitchen.
  • With cleaner filters, save money with decreased hood system cleaning frequency.
  • Improves efficiency and reduces staff time on closing procedures.
  • A complete solution, including tools for floor cleaning, pressure spray cleaning behind/under equipment and lower hood cleaning.
  • Only 24″ wide, fits through tight spaces with ease.
  • Easy to store. Weather proof, washdown and store outside.

Power Tub Vat Cleaning: for everything else.

The Power Tub includes two large steel baskets for Vat Cleaning.  The baskets can hold almost anything that needs cleaning including cooking grates, burners, catch pans, utensils, and more.

Professional Grade. Superb Efficiency.

Keep your staff on more valuable activities and let Brutus do the dirty work.