About Brutus Industrial

Nick Littleton, Inventor and Owner of Brutus Industrial Equipment LLC

I consider myself a straight forward practical person and a believer in made in the USA. Spent many years in the semiconductor and solar capital equipment industry and have a solid foundation in engineering and operations. A legitimate amateur road racer (at one time) and a big fan motorsports in general. Married with 2 kids and a graduate of Texas A&M University (BS) and St Edwards University (MBA).

The History of the Power Tub:

Brutus Industrial Equipment started on a cold night in Austin Texas in 2010 when I went out with a cleaning crew to see how they cleaned a commercial kitchen hood system. It is a long story to me actually being out that night, finding myself unemployed during the 2010 recession after 17 years in high tech and a failed solar business. Regardless, a friend had offered me a part time job with his hood cleaning company to help him build out his business and I was eager to help and learn a new business.

My first observation was the manual effort it takes to actually clean these hood systems. Its dirty work that requires trained hard working people. The first time I watched the guys try to clean the hood filters the concept of what eventually became the Power Tub popped into my head. The primary solution to the problem is flowing water and degreaser through the filter, not spraying at the filter.

The first Power Tub was built in a trash can, 2nd one was built in a 300 gal agricultural plastic tub (this was huge, I put my wife in it one night and cleaned her), 3rd one was a 2 tank version (still not right), 4th one finally got things going the right direction, 5th one was pretty close to the final version, 6th one was finally right and 4 years later. One thing they all had in common, they cleaned greasy hood filters down to metal and did it fast.

The Power Tub was designed with no compromise engineering. I have given the Power Tub a 2 year warranty, bumper to bumper. My belief is that this product should last a decade or more. The components selected for the Power Tub are the finest available, are from proven Tier 1 companies and have an excellent track record of performance.

I am also a strong believer in USA made equipment and quality. So much so that the Power Tub will only ever be built in the USA and 95% of the sub components on the Power Tub are made in the USA as well.

My desire with the Power Tub and Brutus Industrial Equipment is to become a trusted industry partner. We are in this to provide the highest quality equipment that can be manufactured and make satisfied customers. No excuses and no exceptions.