Before you hire another employee, consider buying Brutus Power Tub.

Hood Cleaning Companies

GET OUT OF THE WEATHER & STOP CLEANING FILTERS IN THE PARKING LOT!  its just a matter of time before you get in trouble.  With the Power Tub on the job, stay inside and out of the weather, load the Tub and let Brutus clean while you do other things.  WILL SAVE YOU HOURS!

With equipment financing or lease option, the Tub is Cash Flow positive day 1 and you can take advantage of tax code Section 179.

Payback Calculation

With the Power Tub on the job and fully utilized you should save at least 1 hour of labor per job.  With bigger jobs, 20 or more filters, the time savings will increase.


  • Time savings per job: 1 hr
  • Jobs per year per truck (2 jobs per night, 5 days a week): 520
  • avg hourly wage: $15/hr
  • Power Tub selling price: $5999

Total time saved per yr with Tub: 1 hrs x 520 jobs per year = 520 hrs

Total labor savings per yr: 520 hrs x $15/hr = $7800

Payback Calculation:Tub Cost / Savings =  $5999/$7800 = 0.77

Based on these assumptions the Tub will payback in around 9 months!  With the 2 yr warranty on the Tub, this is a good investment.

Increased Revenue Opportunity

  • Sometimes its tough to get that 3rd job on a given night.  If you saved 2 hours of time on the first 2 jobs with the Tub the 3rd job becomes much more feasible.  Thats extra revenue per night per truck.

Reduce Headcount

  • If you are running a 3 man crew per truck, the Power Tub can take 1 man off the truck.  Will also give you some cushion if you have a someone call in sick or not make it to work on a given night.

Control Waste Stream

  • The Tub servers as a dedicated and controlled vessel for cleaning.  You can make a strong caustic bath, do the cleaning, then neutralize in the Tub before drain down the sanitary drain.  After you neutralize, take a picture with the pH meter in the bath, now you can PROVE that you are following the regulations.

Pressurized Caustic Spray

  • Take advantage of the ‘Big Boy’ 1.5hp pump.  By switching the hoses on the Drain and Rinse valve, now you have hot caustic spray at 100 GPM and 43 psi.  Use it under the hood, run a hose up the duct and let it run or figure out another way that we have not thought about.  The Tub is a versatile machine with significant power and simple connections, easily configured to solve problems.


It’s portable and durable. Engineered for mobility and durability even in heavy, commercial use.

Easily fits in service trucks and vans or can be carried on a hitch mounted scooter carrier

If you run a filter exchange program consider having a Power Tub in your shop.  The Power Tub can be reconfigured into a multi unit / modular high volume (100+ filters per hour) filter cleaning equipment solution for facility installation.  Please inquire with your specific needs.


Hood Clean Mode.

The Power Tub can easily and quickly go from Filter Cleaning Mode to Hood Cleaning Mode.

Simply drape your tarp into the Power Tub and start spraying with the heated, pressurized spray gun. And because the solution is recirculated, you’ll save costs on expensive cleaning chemicals.


Let Brutus do the dirty work!