Built to clean almost anything.

Recirculating Heated Soak Tank, Vat Cleaning and Aqueous Parts Washing, the Power Tub can be used to clean many things and is easy on the environment.


Custom Baskets

Have a specific requirement? Let us know and we’ll build you a custom basket to meet your cleaning needs.

Marlin Wire

Check out Marlin Wire to see various basket ideas.

Power Tub Recirculating Heated Soak Tank Cleaning

Use the Power Tub as a recirculating vat cleaner.

The Power Tub can also act as recirculating vat cleaning equipment.  For extremely dirty items that require extended soaking, run the Power Tub in Vat Cleaning Mode. Simply turn on the pump and heater and let it run over night.

Recirculating Soak Tank Cleaning with Baskets

Basket Mode

Accelerate the Vat Clean with Baskets.

The Power Tub can be purchased with stainless steel baskets that can be put into the tub to hold items.  With items placed in baskets, run the Power Tub with pump, blower and heater on and accelerate the vat clean process with air sparge and oscillation.  Commercial kitchen dishwasher racks also fit in the tub.

Since The Power Tub was built with industrial durability in mind, it will clean the grimiest, toughest equipment. From tools and parts to sporting goods and wearables.

What can you clean in the Power Tub?