Brutus Power Tub

The better way to clean hood filters!… and just about anything else


In just minutes completely degrease up to 14 hood filters of any size, inside & out — AUTOMATICALLY!

Keep your staff on more valuable activities and Let Brutus Do The Dirty Work


  Clean with strong chemicals then neutralize in the Tub before draining.

 Will save you time, money and ensure Clean Water Act and EPA / City Water Code compliance!

Brutus is proud to announce an exclusive distribution agreement with Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Inc. of Kitchener Ontario for all Brutus sales in Canada!


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

2 Year Warranty 

Equipment Financing and Lease options available

Payments as low as $160 per month!


Customer Feedback:

“cleaned some very soiled filters today…… they look brand new.  My guys think I’m a super hero for buying the machine!!!!  The unit kicks butt!!!” Greg Pucci, IKECA Member, Stanley Steemer and Hood Cleaning, Bryon Center MI


“I am happy with my Power Tub, it is saving me hours of work a week with my filter exchange business”  Andy R, Hoods Floors and More, Elgin Iowa



The Power Tub is fast! It will completely degrease up to 10 filters in just minutes.



The Power Tub utilizes a patented immersion process that produces much cleaner filters, inside and out.



The Power Tub is automatic, use it as a heated soak tank. It runs in the background while staff performs other tasks.

Before & After


Built to clean almost anything!


The Power Tub is a Recirculating Heated Soak Tank & Parts Washer

Clean almost anything, not just hood filters…


Let Brutus do the dirty work!